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Are you in need of fast funding but you’re frustrated dealing with traditional banks? Look no further, at E-Funding Company we provide fast funding for all your financial needs.

When the housing market crashed in 2008, financial institutions’ banking practices were scrutinized and subsequently, they had to tighten up their lending rules and requirements.  The result was that even qualified borrowers began having difficulty obtaining the funding they needed.  Additionally what began in the housing market impacted to all of the other lending situations.  Now it seems to many consumers that banks are looking for an excuse to deny a loan rather than seeking to approve a loan, that banks only want to lend you money if you don’t need the money.

Fast Loan Funding


E-Funding Company was created to work with individuals whether they are just starting their business or are owners of established businesses to get the funding they require even when they have been turned down by traditional lenders.  At E-Funding Company, we specialize in partnering with our clients to obtain financing through the use of nontraditional methods such as used in our following programs: Unsecured Personal Loan, Business Corporate Funding, Business Loan for Start-Up and also loans for established businesses used for working capital or expansion.  Our Unsecured Loan Program can be used with hard money mortgage loans to achieve 100% CLTV.  Ask for details on this program

With 20 years of combined experience in lending, E-Funding Company can help you and your business with your lending needs. We’re a consulting firm that cares about our clients.  We help put together a customized creative plan of action to obtain the most suitable loan that will meet your business needs as quickly as possible. 

The first step is to determine if your business qualifies for funding programs and if not, we can assist you in making changes to build your business credit, by using our Business Credit Building Program so that you can obtain the funding you desire.

We have good working relationships with several lenders and private investors that can fund your business needs. Our goal is to ensure that your business interests are represented so that we can obtain a loan suitable to meet your financial needs. Additionally, there is no cost to you unless we are successful in helping you.

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Business Funding

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Stated Loan Program

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Build Corporate Credit

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