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E-Funding Company was started in 2011 in response to help start-up and existing business who have a great idea, business or opportunity but lacked the capital investment to achieve their goals. Our team members came from a background of Corporate America, traditional lending, real estate, mortgage financing, insurance, and tax reparation. Many people find themselves mystified when dealing with credit companies, banks and the world of finance and there is a good reason for this. Credit bureaus and lenders have not gone out of their way to make these transactions transparent and understandable to the general public. E-Funding company exists to help people navigate through these systems, to make changes and take the steps necessary to increase the credit score and the business’s creditworthiness. Our consultants know what will make your business attractive to investors and lenders and we will help you to build and expand your business by maximizing your ability to obtain adequate funding.

We work with Unsecured Loan, Business Loan and commercial loan for Existing and Start-Up. We believe every business deserve to get funding. We are a consulting company that works with the out of the box clients that need funding and have lost hope. We are there to help these clients to get put a plan of action together to get funding. E-Funding Company works with these clients to turn their failures into success by assisting them to obtain sufficient financing to meet their business needs, no matter how long it takes.

Trust and Great Relationships

We have great relationships with numerous Lenders and Private Investors that will help fund your business needs.  Why choose us and not directly the Lenders?  We are an experienced consulting firm that will act on your behalf.  We can help put together a creative plan of action, cater to your needs, and work with your time frame; giving you the most suitable loan that will meet your needs.  No fee is paid unless we are able to successfully help you.


With 20 years of combined experience in lending, E-Funding Company can help you and your business with your lending needs. We’re a consulting firm that cares about our clients.  We help put together a customized creative plan of action to obtain the most suitable loan that will meet your business needs as quickly as possible. 

The first step is to determine if your business qualifies for funding programs and if not, we can assist you in making changes to build your business credit, by using our Business Credit Building Program so that you can obtain the funding you desire.

We have good working relationships with several lenders and private investors that can fund your business needs. Our goal is to ensure that your business interests are represented so that we can obtain a loan suitable to meet your financial needs. Additionally, there is no cost to you unless we are successful in helping you.


E-Funding Company

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